I love my chosen career but it can be draining in many ways. When I wake up in the morning the sun is not even up yet. I don’t have to work until the late morning show but before I can take to the air I must prepare myself for the day as everyone else does. I Take a shower, get some coffee and have a bite to eat. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day after all… When I am done with that I will usually take my dogs out for a run. This is important because it allows me the time I need to get my thoughts in order for the day plus my dog absolutely loves the personal attention. These things or a similar set of items are what everyone, everywhere has to do in the morning as well.

We all have our chores but where I vary from most people, I have to show up at work 4:30 to go over the plan for the day. I have to have final meetings & get approval on the discussion topics of the day. I have to get my caller prizes in order. I have to ensure any and all quests are treated appropriately, arrive in a timely manner and are kept happy for the show. I have to deal with any problems that may arise and let me tell you they pop up everywhere. I have to get my schedule for anything I have to do on location and when all that is done, I can finally go on air for my show.

Many times I have a few hours in the afternoon between the show & any other work related activities. These hours are precious because many times they are the only me time I ever get. I run errands, handle family matters & juggle a very active personal life in this little amount of time. I am happy for every minute I get in this block because the next block of my day is often very chaotic. If you recall, I said that meeting fans was one of my favorite things to do and t is but it is also one of the hardest things to do because when you are dealing with the general public, especially at special events where alcohol is consumed, every interaction becomes very laborious. As you can imagine, even with just the little bit of local celebrity I have meeting people is often times like a circus.

Many people feel they could easily handle the job of DJ and it is a great one to have. I think that once people see that it is not nearly all fun and games they would likely have second thoughts on this career path.

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