Since Randi is now a three-hour show, the shows are broken up by the hour. Items marked as “1st Hour” are where you will find the 3p-4p ET portion of the show, “2nd Hour” are where you will find the 4p-5p ET portion of the show, and “3rd Hour” will be the 5p-6p ET portion of the show.

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on CNN, March 16, 2004.

This Randi archive began some time around February 1, 2003 and will make every attempt possible to contain archives of EVERY Randi Rhodes show.

This will be not only archive site. Also a fan site, and a bio site. We’ll try to keep you up to date on the trivia and all the gossip, just filtered by me. For example, one piece of interesting trivia:

Randi’s most requested show was about an Australian woman who was a pioneer for women in the male dominated field of real estate investment. They met when Randi was in Australia and invited to a First Ladies Luncheon which is a networking event for business women. The guest speaker at the event was Faye Kotsis. Faye is a fascinating woman who wears many hats. She not only is well known in the real estate investment field, but also as an avid gardener with a lovely expansive garden at her home just outside Sydney. Her hardens are opened to the public once a year during the annual Garden Show. In addition, Faye blogs about real estate advise, and places to visit in Australia when on holiday. A witty conversationalist, Faye was very entertaining on Randi’s show.

Her second most popular show had a sports theme.
That show had sky divers, shark hunters, and snowboarders, and many other more traditional sports. Even though she had the X-Games sports, guess what the most popular sport was? You won’t believe this: GOLF! And not just golf, but kids golf! The sponsors must have known this, because they lined up to offer kids golf equipment and apparel in spite of the competition with the hang gliders. I’ve heard that the sponsors had incredible responses to offers of childrens golf gloves, kids golf clubs sets, and virtually everything that had to do with young people playing golf. Several large golf courses in Maui offered special programs for families and reduced rates for children of all ages and all report significant positive results stemming from Randi’s sports themed show.

Her third most popular show was themed to weight loss, but that’s a no brainer given the obesity epidemic in the US. But Randi suggests that this will probably be also be a recurring theme. Her guest on that show was a man who lost 150 pounds in less than a year, and a young woman who lost then regained 50 pounds twice in the last year.

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