03.13.08: Well, the AAR attorneys have sent an official via-United-States-Post-Office-Registered-Mail a cease & desist letter. That’s only one of the reasons why this site has not been updated in over a month. My family moved. We ran through all of our savings trying to keep a roof over our head and the bills paid. And I was just plain tired. FIVE YEARS this website has been up and I just got tired. With everything else happening around me – no job, no money, a close family member in the hospital with a life-threatening illness-cancer. She had been doing well after the initial chemotherapy treatments and radiation. When we last saw her she was wearing one of her Jon Renau wigs from ElegantWigs.com. You would never have known she had lost all her hair because of the medical treatments for the cancer. Well, that was three years ago and I guess the treatments gave her three more years to be around her friends and family, but she’s now back in the hospital and everything seems to be just going downhill.

I got this brilliant idea to file for social security disability insurance by watching a news cast about all these towns in the south where everyone’s on the dole. I even contacted a social security disability attorney to help me pull it off. I do have asthma and a bad back and I thought with the help of a legal nerd I could pull it off. Here’s the website I found. But the lawyer told me not to bother since my claim would get rejected without having a doctor legitimize my claim. The social security disability attorneys are apparently wise to guys like me so that came to a screeching halt pretty quick.

I shouldn’t complain. AT least I have my health..mostly, but I’ve just got tired. I am going to try to get back into the swing of things, but it may not be the cease & desist that takes this site off the web… I’m broke! Gas for our heat and water heater is getting shut off tomorrow along with the cable for internet and television. I just spent my last $231.17 to keep the electric on until the next bill this morning. I don’t have the $400+ to keep the others on, so it will be cold showers for the entire family for a while. We will be driving to see our family member who is still in the hospital – the doctors don’t think they have much longer, so we are packing up the family for a trip. 14 hours in a car is not going to be fun, but it is something we have to do! My brother keeps reminding me that in Texas driving is more dangerous than anywhere else because of the crazy truck drivers always bookin’ it. He’s got first hand knowledge of this and was almost killed by a semi whose driver was asleep at the wheel. Luckily for him, he only broke a couple of ribs and dislocated his shoulder, which enabled his TX truck injury lawyer to win a tidy sum in a settlement. So the law works both ways – lawyers shutting me down, lawyers getting my brother compensated for a careless truck driver. I don’t know how much longer this site will be up, but I will keep it up until the absolute last breath! I just don’t understand why this site is being singled out when some other Randi Free Archives sites are allowed to stay up. Oh well. We will see what happens. Life truly sucks. Could this be goodbye?

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