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Hi there. And welcome to the FIRST (and best) Randi Rhodes Archive on the internet! I would like to note that I am not Randi Rhodes! I have never met Randi, nor am I in contact with Randi or anyone from her show. I have “provincial” permission to post these archives provided I do not edit them in any way other than to remove commercials and other non-show items. This permission can be revoked at any time. I do not receive any financial support, or logistical support from The Randi Rhodes Show to keep these archives!

So why am I doing this you might ask? And I would have to answer by saying, “I don’t know.” But there is some joy in providing a meaningful replacement when others can enjoy the benefit of it, so perhaps my best answer would be, “for the common good.” Because that makes me see like a better person and might get you to help me in this effort if you feel anywhere near as much excitement as I do over the issue of Randi and fans. I’m clearly a fan.

Her first site experienced a massive google penalty during the first year it went live due to the work of her seo agency. That site was actually first abandoned before being restored by a penalty expert, at great cost to Randi and her organization. So far this site has been clear of rank problems – every site could rank better, but at least we are not being penalized by Google!

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Please note: This site is intended for reference and educational purposes ONLY. It is NOT intended as a subsitute for listening to Randi’s show via over-the-air radio or webstreaming. If you have no other way of listening to Randi, then fine, by all means, listen here. It IS the intention of the webmaster of this site to ONLY promote interest in Randi’s show. The webmaster HIGHLY encourages you to ACTIVELY SUPPORT the sponsors of Randi’s show. This may include listening and contributing on this blog as well as- just note that Randi loves gift baskets… Thank you in advance for understanding this.

Randi’s Official Website has been hijacked by AAR, so until Randi reclaims her website, I will try to keep this place as updated as possible with new information about her television show and other areas of her day to day busy lifestyle career!

U P D A T E ! ! !

OY!! In spite of our great effort to keep this site in good standing, the site was hacked then suffered a google penalty as a result of what the hackers did, but fortunately we were able to extricate ourselves from that hell before too long. Stay tuned, though, it ain’t over…

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